Enjoy Sunset at Single Fin

During your stay at the thematic surfer hotel in Kuta, Bliss Surfer Hotel with your family or friends, you might want to go someplace further to explore new beach to surf and place to sip a bottle of cold beer or cocktail while overlooking the sunset on the horizon. You can try to surf at Blue Point Beach, a trendy surf spot located in Ungasan area. With breathtaking view, clear water and big waves, this beach attracts youngsters and surfers from around the world.

After riding the wave at Blue Point Beach, you can go to Single Fin to relax and take a rest while watching the sun goes down. This surfers’ favorite spot offers affordable food and drinks that you can enjoy while listening to the music from the DJ and enjoy the night breeze. Located at Uluwatu Area, this cliff front venue will be perfect for you to spend some times before going back and take a rest in your comfortable room at Bliss Surfer Hotel. Single Finn or around an hour from Bliss Surfer Hotel.

Photo source: www.flickr.com/photos/o2zone/

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